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We stand with airport Starbucks workers speaking out about mistreatment and dire poverty they have faced while working at HMSHost-operated Starbucks. We are calling on Starbucks to use whatever power it has to create an inclusive and equitable environment and make one job enough at Starbucks enough to live on. Specifically, Starbucks should demand that:

  • The gap between the median pay of white and Black baristas across 27 airports listed below is eliminated by raising wages for Black/African American HMSHost baristas. Based on data from between February and October 2019, median pay for Black baristas was $1.85 less than for white baristas. [1]
  • All airport Starbucks stores are closed for racial bias training.
  • Starbucks college education programs are extended to airport Starbucks workers.
  • Scheduling technology is updated at airport Starbucks to print transgender employees’ names on schedules.
  • Mandatory training is implemented to educate all airport Starbucks staff that discrimination against an employee because of gender identity, including transgender status, or because of sexual orientation, will not be tolerated.
  • Eliminate all English-only policies and communicate to all airport Starbucks baristas that immigrant workers have the right speak languages other than English.

Allow HMSHost Starbucks workers to form a union through a fair process free of threats and intimidation.

[1] Demographic and wage data is based on full employee data provided by HMSHost between February 2019 and October 2019 of 2,067 Starbucks workers who are represented by UNITE HERE affiliates at 27 airports in the United States: ATL, BOS, BWI, CLT, DTW, ELP, EWR, GEG, HNL, IAH, IND, JFK, LAS, LIH, MCI, MIA, MSP, OGG, PDX, PHX, PVD, SAN, SEA, SJC, SMF, SNA, STL